Nucam Goblins

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The Nucam Goblins have lived on the island of Nucam as long as the elves. The actual original settlers of the island varies by who you ask, both of which are convinced the other is a trespasser.

The goblin society in this area has always been hostile. Skirmishes are abundant as almost all encounters turn to combat when hunting parties or travelers meet. The goblin tribes in this area have little respect to territorial claims, above all any claim of the elves. Goblin hunters often encroach very close to elf settlements.

In recent times the goblins of this area have pushed vigorously to have the elves removed, recently forcing them over the river to their sister tribe. This is largely in part to an unknown swell in the goblin ranks. While small groups of goblins are easily eradicated by even novice elven hunters, sheer number has weakened the elves threw atrition to the point of their exidous of the elven town of Aven

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Nucam Goblins

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