Nucam Elves

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The Nucam elves, like their Goblins counterparts, believe that they where the first to arive on the island and defend this right. However, the elves have never been to interested in dominating the island so much as the Goblins. The Elves seek solitude over all else, wishing to practice sacred traditions and their unique combat styles without bother.

The Goblins do however serve as decent fodder for them to train on. The elves here value strength more so than other breeds of elves. While they are mixed with many creatures, the substantial portion of the elves tribe consists of wild elves, as you may have gathered a varient of elves prizing physical strength over all.

Like the goblins, the elves have always feared the Tec Huuruuc the great dragon of the island. While they had their own name for the beast, the goblin given name is the one that stuck. However, unlike the goblins who always made their presence known, the elves where far more careful to mask their presence, using decoys, limited magics, stealth and mobility to keep out of harms way.
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Nucam Elves

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