Island, once ruled by a dragon, now being overun by goblins, and settled by outsiders.

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The island of Nucam sits off the coast of the larger content, Agios. The island remains largely unsettled until year 531 when the first attempt to settle the island began. The first settlement of Makri was built the spring of that year however it did not survive more than a few months before the settlement was found in ruin. *knowledge - History*

Further attempts where made to settle the island over the following 5 years. The survivors of these expeditions where few and far between but rumor came back that a large green dragon was the cause of the settlements misfortunes. Knowledge – History

Increased guard and military presence made little difference as newer settlements where lost in a similar fashion. The last documented voyage was in 536.

In 572, a trader by the name of Eldak Hawklight began financing a new expedition to the island. There was little support for the voyage but the trader obtained the necessary support via large contribution of coin Knowledge – Local

The new settlement has now stood firm for over 3 years and many villages have sprung up. Most either provide raw materials such as food and lumber for the continued expansion and others have begun extracting ore from the mines. The Dragon itself has not been seen since the founding of the new settlements.

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