The arena is a low grade one. Just about anyone can enter in from off the street so long as they seem fit for combat or can prove their ability, such as a badge from the warriors guild. You however look nasty enough that they won’t even bother asking.

There are several common events in the arena. The ones that you’re immedatly aware of are common bouts where fighters enter either solo or as a team to fight others. Its pretty much an organized bar fight where you’re thrown at other random fighters.
another common match is monster execution or prisoner execution. The arena will sometimes be left to despose of goblins captured from the immedate area or more rarly a convicted fellon of a sever crime is forced into combat where he most likely eventually dies.
There are acceptions to the later. If they don’t have much fodder they’ll usually try to preserve what they have except for special occasions. Turn out is usually better when matches are to the death.

I might save this for a larger arena but some arenas ‘reinact battles’.
Would mean that diffrent people are let into the arena at diffrent times and given certin armor or weaponry to wear/use for the situation. Again, probably to elaborate for this arena

The sport of choice in Nucam. The noble entrepreneurs often come to these games to avoid the rustic lifestyle of their frontier lives. There are different games, all of which pay the participants different amounts, and involve different amount of risk.

Damage spells are prohibited, along with anything that causes lethal damage.

To the death
Often these include captured goblins found in Nucam. However, nobles often pay extra to see their favorite gladiators engage in this high risk venture. Winner takes all.

Group Combat
Can do lethal or non-lethal scenarios against with teammates (both PC and NPC) against multiple enemies.


Arena Champion


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