Unsettled Grounds

Nova et al.: Session II, a cart full of love

A rather boring trip to Hailbear. The only fun I had was playing with the grunts. Casting grease on the ropes while the sailors were climbing them was hilarious. Prestidigation knots really pissed them off. No one even had cards… I left mine at home. I’ll have to see if I can pick up a set of cards in Nucam.

When we arived I was a bit disappointed by the ‘Main’ town of Nucam. Little more than makeship sheds and log cabins. Tork Goblinslayer told me he had business at the Warrior Guild, and wished me luck. I like the little stinker, but there isn’t much glory in killing goblins, even if they are yellow. Besides, he smells, and he’s kinda off.

I walked around town gathering information without much luck. I was directed to the local hotspot, so to speak, the Green Devils Inn. It was one of the larger structures in town., but still no were near as impressive as some of the pubs in Agios. No one was too helpful with Dragons, in fact the main topic of conversation seemed to be around some elf jumping around on roofs.

Well a jumping elf was more fun than a room full of locals, so I decided to go out and find this bouncy guy. The townsfolk, and guards I talked to seemed to lose track of this guy, proving to be as compedent as I would expect. I had half a mind to go around the rooftops myself, just to see how pathetic the local milia was, but decided I needed to pick up some supplies to go dragon hunting.

After picking up some supplies, and asking around for some directions to a big ass dragon I started to grow a little depressed. NO one in the fucking pig ass village seems to know anything. All they can do is complain about goblins. I was just about ready to give up and tell Tyra to find her book on her own, when we ran into this wild looking elf.

I’ve heard tails of Nucam Elves, but this was the first i’ve even seen of one. Much less refine looking than the High Elves that would sometimes visit my parents tower, this elf looked far more savage, and sturdy than those frail haughty elves i was used too. He looked like he was a lot more fun than the rest of these peasents that i’ve meet.

I introduced Tyra and myself to this warrior elf. thresh, yes like as in a bird, I love these elves, told me of his peoples’ plight, and his mission to find help against the goblin hordes. No one seemed to be interested in helping his people against this goblin scurge, just try to mine the lands resources. Well now, battling little green(or even yellow)goblins might be boring, but saving a race of cool ass elves against this goblin horde, well that’s the start of a good song… Hmm… “99 goblins on the wall, 99 lame ass goblins.. one gets smash, falls to the ground…98 goblins on the wall….”, not quite an epic song.. but there is potential there.

We agreed to help this Elf in peril, and he lead us to the town hall, and his little gnome child companion, Sparrow. This 40lb gnome girl explains to us that Dane could care less about the Nucam Goblins, and their butchering of the Nucam Elves, but said that the Warrior’s Guild may be of some use. I can hardly keep from pinching this cute little gnome’s cheeks as she tells us what to do. She’s so cute!

We go to the Warrior’s Guild, and they seem to have some information about the dragon, or at least some of the goings on in Nucam. Upon reaching the guild we spotTork Goblinslayer, who is about to go off and kill some goblins. He directs us to Hent the quarter master of the guild. He tells us in order to find out more information concerning the true happenings of Nucam, they tell us that we need to achieve the apropriate rant in the Warriors’ Guild. Hent gives us a mission to go and retreive a cart the goblins pillaged off to the north.

We came upon a dead mule lying on top of a goblin. There were obvious signs of combat, most noticeably a couple of humans that were hacked to shreads. The goblin was alive. Tyra questioned the goblin. I couldn’t exactly tell what was going on, but the goblin spitting at Tyra’s feet, and her eyes turning bright red told me that there conversation was less than productive. I offered a bit to the conversation by slappy the goblin with my tail. This seemed to help as we gained a little bit of information concerning the location of the cart, and the rest of the goblins. To my suprise Tyra agreed to let the goblin go. The goblin took off, as soon as thresh lifted the wagon off of him. In his eagerness to excape, he clawed at Tyra, who than promptly took out a crossbow, and shot him dead in the back.

SparrowScouted ahead, and found the goblins camped in a forest clearing. She stealthly circled the perimeter while I sat on my ass and waited for something to happen. I was just about to charge in and slam some goblins, when she came back, and reported that there were 8 total goblins. Three messing around to the north east, 5 in camp, one of which was lying down, wounded in the cart. The gnome child, thresh , and thresh all decided it was best for the the gnome to sneak up and engage the 3 goblins to the northeast, while the rest of us battle the main group in camp. That was good enough for me, I pick up my hammer and charged in as the kid snuck into the forest.

I charged up about halfway to the goblins and than used my grease trick to try to make the biggest goblin slip. He didn’t but I ran up to the big guy(still kinda small), and smacked him with my hammer. thresh ran up behind me, and jumped towards a goblin. He got smacked in midair by a goblin, but barely flinched as he came down and shreaded it. It was barely standing after he got a few vicious swipes in. [[:tyra | Tyra] spoke to the biggest goblin some word in goblin, that well, made the goblin sit in the grease.

I was soon surrouned by 3 goblins as I got two swipes off the big guy as he crawled out of the grease, and stood up next to me. The other goblins took swipes at me with their clubs, and barely grazed me. I heard the thud of a crossbolt hitting a goblin as [[:tyra | Tyra] took out the goblin that thresh had started to dice up. thresh ran up to my side and started hacking another goblin.

I took a step back and nearly broke off the head goblin with my hammer. He tumbled the the ground, and let out a loud scream. thresh dispached another goblin while I stood over the vanquished leader.

We took out the last goblin, and the one lying in the cart before we turned our attention to the gnome child running to threw the woods. There were only 2 goblins left chasing her, and we quickly dispached those 2, barely breaking a sweat.

This elf dude is pretty good in a fight, I think we’ll have some fun together.

coolest quote: Jess,“Sit”
coolest move/action: Corey, with his ending of the round in midair/matrix attack.
smartest thing: Kalah distracting almost half the badguys as we focused on the group around the camp.



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