Unsettled Grounds

Tyra and Nova, session I: On the Road to Nucam

I’m not quite used to sleeping on the road yet, it’s these damn wings.. Oh well at least they look cool. We traveled to the Red Blade Inn in on our way to Townport. Outside the inn was a discusting dwarf, reaking of cheap beer and decaying flesh, snoring rather loudly. I saw a rather interesting collection of goblin heads attached to his waist, and decided that he probably had an interesting adventure or two to share, so I went to the barkeep, ordered a beer, and woke the grimy dwarf. He gragally took the beverage, barely acknowleding us with a quiet,‘thank ye’, but than suddenely grabed his ax, and yelled,‘Gobbin!!!". He then paused, looked me up and down, and said,’Ye no goblin, ye be too big". He introduced himself as Tork Goblinslayer, and said he too was off to the Island of Nucam, to kill goblins.

We followed him to Townsport, and to a ship that would take us to Nucam. He showed a guard his Warrior’s Guild badge, and they let him on. Me and Tyra tried to board, but the guard stopped us. He demanded 50 gold or a Warrior’s Guild badge.

The man was a jackass, I mean I’m Ivan fucking Nova, son of Thisdan and Shade, a Dragonborn. Not wanting to give the man the pleasure of the 50 gold pentance, we went to the Warrior Guild, and asked how to gain membership. Heck I might as well be an offical warrior if I’m going to slay some dragons.

Who would have thought being a warrior would be so boring. After hours of paperwork, and some medcial tests they decided i was,‘ready’ for the membership test. I didn’t know the expections of warriors was soo low, I mean I think they sent in three of the weakest goblins ever created. If this is what it takes to become a member of the Warrior’s Guild than maybe I should pay the dick guard 50 gold. After smashing two goblins before they even got a swipe off(Tyra shot one with a crossbow, the test was over. I voiced my displeasure towards this ‘test’ to Colden, some offical looking guy in charge of the tests. He got upset in sent in a few more ‘tests’. We didn’t even break a sweat.

We took our badges, and went to the docks. I raised my badge and pushed past the guardsman and boarded the ship to Hailbear the main port of Nucam.



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