Tails of dragons once held true as day to the island of Nucam but have settled into works of Fiction. Unabated by the dominating residency of its former dragon master, the island has seen an uncounted number of changes. Newcomers seek the riches of the land, some seek the riches of the dragons legacy. The goblin’s grow ambishous and they seek to take all while the elves and their few friends seek only survival.

Without its dragon master this island has fallen into chaos, where will the pieces settle?

Game Update

I’m in the midst of setting up the obsidian account and there is still a lot of work to be done.

This is the first campaign I’ve done in a long time and by far the most time I’ve invested into one. For this reason until I find my groove as DM most everything here is subject to change, expect it. So far here is the breakdown of the campaign. There will be two parties running independent of each other. I will purposefully attempt to keep the parties from directly interacting with each other. However, each party will still have a profound impact in the world and each party may be aware of the others exploits. My end goal is to create independent sessions where one parties actions may indirectly aid or hinder another parties progress.

There are several things I need each person to set up. I need first too get each player registered on Obsidian. This is because I need a place I can get hold of their basic character information for the purpose of creating challenging encounters and quests. This isn’t to say that you will always find encounters at your level, you’ll have overly easy ones and overly difficult ones, but it will just help me plan a challenging overall experiences. I need each person who subscribes to give me the following

  • Create an account I can invite to the game and have your own PC character
  • Include at least your character Name, ability scores, and skills
  • In the “Number Crunch” area of your character, include a reference to your Classes and Feats along with their book references. Just the book title is fine, page # is a bonus but not necessary.

Also I want you’re opinion on the following

  • I’ve added a character not yet met, Kobo Cabbins, with no description. He is someone I planned to implement and I put him their as a placeholder incase of an encounter with no information revealed. Do you like the idea of having characters or potentially items shown in this manner as an attempt at ‘for shadowing’ or would you rather everything like this be kept secrete until it actually does come up?
  • There is only ONE journal. We need a way of entering in logs because if left to itself I fear that several people from two different parties may enter in events in such a way that it will become confusing. I have several ideas for this. Come up with a uniform header idea for each entry that immediateness states the character and party and campaign date/session #. Come up with a system that has either one person entering in the events each month from their perspective or a detached perspective. Have rotating turns where one person is charged with chronicle the session for the day. One idea I heard someone using is having the DM role playing a historian uncovering player journals or records and the DM narrates the players story from the perspective of that historian. Contact me with thoughts and ideas.

Unsettled Grounds

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